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Our used golfcarts...

are clean, in excellent shape and GREAT bargains! AND, we have GREAT client feedback! Get-a-quote today!


What kind of used golfcarts do you sell?
We specialize in Club Car electric golf carts. However, we can special order whatever kind/make of used golfcarts desired!


Why do WE like Club Car golf carts???
We think that Club Car makes a GREAT golf cart too and that's why Club Car is our preferred golf cart. It has an excellent track record and just happens to also be our perennial best seller (since 1997). We REALLY like Club Car golf carts but we sell ALL kinds of golf carts! What are YOU looking for???

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Xtra Cool USED Golf Carts Here!

Check out this beauty! Can you believe this is a USED golf cart? Our golf carts are AWESOME. And... you could have one too! Call today!

TO: Utila, Honduras.

People all over the world love cool golf carts. Take this completely bad ass 4X4 XRT 1500... that we just shipped to Honduras! Can I say "Awesome" again??? We are GOOD and know HOW to get you set up... wherever you are. We'll customize your golf cart too before we ship it out. We can add logos, color coordinate, install extras... whatever. What do YOU want? Call (813) 340-3677 or send an email.

How happy & satisfied are our customers?

Want to know what kind of job we do? Check out our Facebook page and read what people have to say about the job we're doing. There is also the website feedback page, which is updated semi regularly. AND, our golf cart photo gallery features LOTS of great BIG smiles from proud golf cart owners that you can SEE for yourself.

You want more?
We, also use Angie's List to assess whether we're doing a good job keeping valued customers like you happy. You are invited to use the link below to grade our quality of work and customer service. Let other people KNOW about the GREAT job we're doing!

Read Unbiased Consumer Reviews Online at AngiesList.com

We Sell New AND Used Golf Carts!

Golf Carts: Free Delivery

ALL of our awesome golf carts come with Brand New Batteries. That's a bonus we offer ALL of our clients. BUT... locals get an EXTRA bonus: FREE DELIVERY of any new or used golf cart within the Tampa Bay / Zephyrhills area. That means that anyone within 50 miles of our location, gets FREE delivery of any newly purchased golf cart! We'll deliver your golf cart, set you all up AND... we'd really like it if you'd let us take your picture so we can add it to our ever expanding photo gallery of HAPPY customers. Questions? Want to know more? Call today!
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Our Golf Carts Travel All Around The World!

Here are a couple of beautiful golf carts that we JUST shipped to Nigeria!

We are VERY good at shipping OUR golf carts all over the world, ...wherever YOU need them to be. So far we've shipped golf carts to: Nigeria, the Virgin Islands, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Panama and Egypt. AND, you KNOW that if we can ship our golf carts anywhere in the world... then we can ALSO ship them anywhere in the continental U.S. too. You just let us know what you want in a golf cart... and WHERE you want it!

Call (813) 340-3677 or send an email.

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No limits here! Our Tampa Bay Golf Carts go EVERYWHERE in the World! We're located in the Central Florida >> Tampa Bay area (Zephryhills) but we sell and ship new and used golf carts ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Please note: we only ship golf carts that we sell but those that we sell we ship EVERYWHERE.
Got questions? Let us know!

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