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Whatever you want in a golf cart: we have it, can find it or make it!

  • Breaking News! We are expanding...

    COMING SOON: we will be opening a SECOND location, in Hudson (FL)... Feb. 2016. The Hudson location will become the Club Car "Authorized Dealer" side of the business and the Zephyrhills location will continue to focus on used golf cart sales. Expect the same GREAT customer service and AWESOME used golf carts for sale that have been our stock and trade since 2008.



  • The used golf carts we sell:

    Our used golf carts are in Like New Condition (anything broken or worn down is replaced with Club Car factory direct OEM parts).
    All used golf carts are thoroughly inspected by our on-site, certified Club Car technician!
    NEW golf cart batteries and a portable charger come with every golf cart sold.
    FREE local delivery and setup (within 50 miles of our location) OR, we can ship any golf cart we sell ...anywhere in the world.
    We also sell electric golf carts, gas golf carts, standard AND custom golf carts. Whatever you want in a golf cart: we have it, can find it or make it! Talk to us and we'll give you a free, no obligation quote!
    No limits here! Our Tampa Bay Golf Carts go EVERYWHERE in the World!

  • Get your golf cart financing here: 6 MONTHS SAME AS CASH!

    Sheffield Financing has a GREAT offer: 6 months interest free loan for a used golf cart from us! Just use the button on any page on our site and it will take you DIRECTLY to the online loan application. Pick "Club Car" from the list of Manufacturer options and fill out your details. Simple. Secure.

    Sooo..., who is offering this GREAT deal?
    Sheffield Financing! They have been in business since 1992 and have a reputation for outstanding customer service, quick credit approvals and minimal paperwork. For example, can you believe that they NEVER use voice mail during normal business hours? Wow. That means that if you have a question, you can call them at 1 800 (438)-8892 and get answers DIRECT. That also means that you can get financing from them NOW to get the golf cart you want from us! Awesome. We are REALLY glad to get this deal done so we can work together to get YOU what you want! Questions? Let us know.

  • "The People's Choice" 2015.... to date.

    The people are speaking loud AND clear and these are the favorite, most popular, used golf cart choices ....so far, this year...

    2013 Club Car Precedent: 4 passenger, beige golf cart with lights.
    2013 Club Car Precedent: 4 passenger, lifted red golf cart with lights.
    All golf carts sold come with new batteries and portable charger PLUS free local delivery (within 50 miles) or a quote to ship. Our golf carts are easily upgradeable or sold as is (in like new condition, after a thorough inspection, ...of course). Stay tuned: we'll keep you updated on "The People's Choices for 2015."


  • Upgrade 1, 2, 3 ....or an entire fleet!

    Our golf carts come fully refurbished and in GREAT condition. There is no minimum order. We custom in increments of 1, 2, 3 or a we can create an entire fleet of customized golf cars. All will be setup to reflect the image that you wish to present. You can choose between 2, 4, 6 and 8 passenger golf cars. Our custom shop can paint logos or custom designs, include practical details (enclosures, sunbrellas, etc.), put in motor upgrades, add beautiful luxury details or just get a golf cart ready to legally hit the streets. Whatever. We set up AWESOME custom golf carts to suit your business (or personal) needs. AND..., it's a point of pride that our customers are CONSTANTLY impressed with the quality of our used golf carts. Our golf carts are AWESOME.

    Custom commercial golf carts.
    Custom personal golf carts.


  • Our golf carts travel all around the world!

    So far we've shipped golf carts to: Nigeria, the Virgin Islands, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Panama, Egypt ...and the list continues to grow. We ship our golf carts from Miami and other ports along the eastern seaboard of the USA. All golf carts are packed securely AND insured to avoid damage.

    AND, you KNOW that if we can ship our golf carts anywhere in the world... then we can ALSO ship them anywhere in the continental U.S. too. You just let us know what you want in a golf cart... and WHERE you want it! Call (813) 340-3677 or send an email.

    Shipping outside of the US.
    Shipping inside the US



  • What are our customers saying about us?

    Read Unbiased Consumer Reviews Online at AngiesList.com

    We used to post reviews on the site but soon realized that it was much easier to let YOU post reviews WHEREVER you are comfortable doing so. We try to provide links so you can find out what other people are saying about us. We also, invite YOU to use any of the provided links to grade our quality of work and customer service. Let other people KNOW about the GREAT job we're doing!
    Angies List.
    Google Plus (business page).
    YouTube channel.



  • A little bit about us:

    We're a small business with a BIG reach (that goes all around the world). We are located in the Central Florida >> the Tampa Bay area (Zephryhills). We offer perks to locals, like free delivery and setup for anyone within 50 miles of our location. But locals AND everyone else, gets brand new batteries AND a portable charger with every golf cart we sell. AND..., like I said, our golf cart reach goes all around the world. That's because we sell and ship our golf carts Everywhere. Got questions? Let us know!
    Please note: we only ship golf carts that we sell.

    More about us: maps, hours, etc.
    Shipping outside of the US.
    Shipping inside the US




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